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Topic: [Request Album] PCCK-20119

Anime Title: Urusei Yatsura

Album Title: "Urusei Yatsura" Anime Theme Song & Character Song Collection Kettei Ban

Catalog No: PCCK-20119
CDJapan Link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/PCCK-20119

Hope this album can be found/added to the site as it contains all the theme song for the TV Anime Series!

Thanks in advance!

PS: kinda weird cos I can't seem to find the info for this album in VGMDB, did I miss-search it somehow???

Love to watch anime and listen to anime songs, likes to read manga and play RPG games, my main hobbies mostly! LOL

Re: [Request Album] PCCK-20119

it available on this page
http://anime-music.info/urusei-yatsura- … ettei-ban/