I decide to re-open REQUEST page once again. Read our rule first:

1. Only Accept for Music which released From 1989 to 2015.
2. What I need is catalog Number of that CD
3. I will do the best for provide it in HQ (320kbps, IF I CAN.) & Lossless .
4. ONLY ANIME MUSIC. So JPOP, GAME, TV Series (Dorama) will not accepted.
5. You can ask me to re-upload old file based on our archive:
6. It strongly recommended you also provide me link to VGMDB, or CDjapan, or Amazon detail about your CD request.
7. Other rule I will add it later.

Before you make a REQUEST:
Please use box search, if you cannot find it. you can make a Request.
If you find it but need it as Lossless format, you can make a request here or leave a comment in regarding page.